Why Choose Raine and Horne Vacation Homes?

  • Heritage and Global Presence
    140 years of experience with over 400 offices in 23 countries, instilling trust and reliability.

  • Competitive Fees
    Attractive management fee of 17.5%, ensuring affordability and value for money.

  • No Competition with Landlords
    Commitment to not leasing any units, ensuring no competition with landlord units. Unlike common practices in the industry, we prioritize our clients' interests by not engaging in activities that could create conflicts of interest.
  • Zero Onboarding Fee
    Free onboarding service, making it cost-effective for new clients.
  • Unlimited Personal Use
    Clients can stay an unlimited number of nights, offering flexibility and personal enjoyment.
  • Minimal Foreclosure Fee
    A very small fee for contract foreclosure, reducing financial burden on clients.
  • Expert In-House Teams
    Professional teams with hotel experience, including revenue management, cleaning and maintenance, and guest relations.
  • Immediate Banking of Guest Payments
    All guest money is banked on the same day, ensuring quick and efficient financial handling.
  • Timely Financial Statements and Payments
    Landlord revenue statements sent on the 5th of each month and payments made on the 15th, ensuring regular and predictable financial management.
  • Advanced Software for Calendar Management
    Utilization of industry-leading software for efficient calendar management.
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategies
    Using advanced algorithms for optimal pricing based on demand, season, and local events.
  • Regular Property Inspections
    Frequent inspections to maintain high standards and proactive issue resolution.
  • Digital Marketing and SEO
    Robust strategies to increase online visibility and attract more guests.
  • Loyalty Programs for Repeat Guests
    Reward programs to encourage repeat bookings and guest loyalty.
  • Transparent Communication and Reporting
    Clear, regular communication with property owners about property status and performance.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    Ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations for property owner and guest protection.
  • Professional Photography and Listings
    High-quality photography and compelling listings to effectively showcase properties.