Buying a vacation home allows you to diversify your income, build wealth, and, of course, take a vacation at no extra cost to you.

    Post Covid-19, vacation rentals are quickly becoming the favorite method of accommodation for families and friend groups. After all, when you compare the amenities and convenience of a comfortable rental home vs. a crowded, small hotel room, there is no contest. Vacation rentals are affordable and provide privacy (and a unique experience every time).

    It's a great time to shop for your dream home, as Dubai is offering an interesting gamut of opportunities. Interest rates are very low, saving you money in the long run. If you have been dreaming of owning beach property for a while now, maybe it's the right time to pull the trigger.

    The part that stresses people out about owning a vacation rental is "who is going to clean and manage it?" No worries there! This is where Raine & Horne Holiday Homes steps in to help. You can trust us to manage your investment property as well. We would love to add your home to our beautiful lineup of vacation rental properties!
    When you buy a vacation home, you join a community of savvy investors who understand the value of real estate holdings. Your property can be an investment or a legacy you leave for your family. But, when you buy a vacation home, you don’t have to pay cash (or cash in your savings). Nearly 75% of people who buy a vacation home will invest through some form of financing. Then, by hosting short-term rental guests, you can offset the mortgage and home maintenance—all while you build wealth for today and tomorrow.

    Ok, so it's not really free. After all, you need to buy the property, and that is no small investment! But once you have your investment property up and running, you simply block off the weeks you would like to use it for your family and friends. No more renting from others, and you can put whatever you want in that owner's closet.

Our mission is to nurture and enhance your holiday investment, maximizing your returns while providing a 5-star property management service. The Raine & Horne Holiday Collection consists of fully self-contained properties available for daily, weekly, and monthly leases.

If you are considering renting out your property as holiday accommodation, we proudly offer the following services:

  • Access to 350 offices worldwide to market your property internationally
  • Hassle-free holiday management and ongoing maintenance
  • Flexibility to enjoy holidays at your property
  • A clear, concise, and easy-to-understand management fee structure
  • Utilization of innovative marketing techniques and smart technology
  • Dedicated customer service manager to promote and sell your property
  • Local expertise with international reach


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